Increasing online sales are skyrocketing and apartment complex can not meet the demand on storing packages and with leaving packages at the front door increases the chances of theft especially during the holidays major courier services are relying on the management office to accept packages for the residents, leaving the office staff to take the blame for missing packages, or dealing with packages on the count of logging in, storing, and notifying the resident taking a lot of time away from the job duty production time. A lot of high end properties have declined to accept packages for residents leaving residents with either miss handled packages being left at the front door or resort to driving to the post office to pick up their package. Lets say the management office accepts the package then their is the possibility that you work the same hours as the office leaving you to wait till the weekend to receive your package. Luckily if you are in the service area of Houston Tx Watchmen Delivery will store, sign for your package, and hand delivery it to you on your time, and end your delivery with your signature on the proof of delivery. to check if you are in the service area click here. Other options do exist but the most convenient is Watchmen Delivery. Here are some links from other sources and news outlet reporting on the package problem.

KHOU Houston TX news

The Wall Street Journal



The news is not over exaggerating on the package dilemma I personally experienced it first hand.