There are few things more aggravating than having your packages stolen off your

front door. I personally got tired not only of stolen packages, but missing the FedEx

or UPS person because I work late. Trying to track a package is time consuming and

can be very frustrating.

I decided to do a little research and came across a few articles that have some really

good advice on how to avoid annoying package problems. Here are 5 ways to avoid

package theft.

1) You can pick it up at your local post office. UPS and FedEx will hold your

packages free for up to 5 days. This almost defeats the purpose of ordering

online and not having to leave your home but if you’re expecting something

pricey, it just might be worth it.

2) Keep a security camera pointed at your front door. Security cameras can help

police catch a package thief. They can also help record evidence of your

package being mishandled.

3) If you are in the Houston area you can use Watchmen Delivery. All you do is

ship your package to the nearest Watchmen facility. They’ll sign for the

package, send you a text notification, and schedule your delivery from 6pm-

12pm whenever you’re ready to receive it.

4) If you’re leaving town and know you’re expecting a package to come in, see if

you can redirect it to a neighbor or relative who will be okay with holding it

for you.

5) Try out Amazon locker. If you live near a locker location, this could be safer

than having a package delivered to your home. They’ll text or email you a

code that you can punch into the machine to receive your package. They keep

packages in the lockers for up to three days.

Package theft can be devastating so I hope these alternatives help. If you have any

advice that’s worked for you please feel free to share!