So, we all know that package deliveries are a hit or miss. It’s one thing to have your items left at your door by FEDEX or UPS (which is pretty common) but it is another story completely when those valuables have been lost or stolen.

Amazon is now making deliveries to homes and apartments, which is amazing so that you don’t have to wait a couple of extra days for your packages. The only thing is, they didn’t really solve the package problem of the receiver not being home to accept the package. They’re cutting out the middleman, however packages are still being left for homeowners to find on their doorstep.

Personally, I was pretty tired of all the headache. For some reason at my apartments especially, they stopped accepting packages altogether. This was pretty infuriating, as the leasing office was the only place I knew my packages would be safe and indoors.

I did some digging online and found out about a delivery service called Watchmen Delivery. I think they’re still fairly new because they’re only in the Houston area. I thought I’d give them a try after having several packages mysteriously go missing off my front door step (thanks apartment complexes). They’ve got a “per package fee” of $3.99 which is what I tried initially just to make sure my package wouldn’t end up in some foreign country. I thought it was pretty affordable for the sake of getting my packages into my hands.

After an easy sign up on their website,, they set me up with an address to their warehouse where my package would be sent to. It was an easy payment because they’re set up with PayPal. Everything seemed legitimate. All I had to do was wait for their text when my package arrived. I tracked my package the entire time it was out and sure enough, I received a text from them as soon as it was delivered. I chose the day and time that I would be home for sure (they only deliver from 6pm-12pm). I got home that next evening and sure enough, just as instructed, I got a notification that they were on the way with my package. After a knock and friendly greeting, I signed for my package and was not disappointed!

After using this service a few more times, I signed up for the membership fee, which is $29.99 a month. It is definitely worth the price especially if you do quite a bit of your shopping online. Hope this saves some trouble for others!