The holidays are no doubt the best part of the year. Friends and family, joy

and celebrations, hot chocolate and snuggle weather, and not to mention all the

presents! We work hard to make sure our kids get everything they wish for. How

about the satisfaction we get when our parents’ eyes light up as they open the gift

that reminds them how much we still care. That heartwarming smile on your loved

ones face as you reveal that you didn’t forget what they hinted to you on that

random date night you had. It is all too fulfilling when we are able to give to the

people we love most.

     With the holidays less than a couple of months away, I’ve decided to dedicate

some time to help with a very pressing issue that we tend to face with online

shopping on the rise: package theft. We hear the horror stories on a day-to- day basis

as it floods our news channels and social media. If you aren’t home when your

package arrives, it would be devastating for it to turn up missing, not to mention

costly. I can confidently say that this issue has been solved.

     About a half a year ago, I discovered a gem as I was scrolling through my

Facebook feed. I’d been having some issues with my apartment complex not

accepting packages and had mine go missing a few times due to the fact that I have a

full time job and can’t stay home to wait for UPS. I also had some misfortune last

holiday season as I discovered that some Grinch stole MY Christmas. Luckily, I found

a delivery service, To put it simply: you order a

package, use the shipping address they email you, and then wait for the text that lets

you know they’ve received your package. Once they text you, you pick a day and

time for them to deliver it to you, that way you’ll be home for sure. Their delivery

hours are from 6pm to 12am so it’ll never interfere with a normal work schedule.

When they arrive, you sign for your package and go on your merry way – pun


     This year, you can be sure that your valuables will get to you safely. You’re

already smart by online shopping and avoiding crowds, but can be even smarter

about your packages with Watchmen Delivery. Now you have more time to worry

about which ugly Christmas sweater you’re going to impress everyone with. Cheers!

By – Ronda Kabalaki